Who are we?

Following a long family line of champagne producers, Gentlemen Farmers, founded in 2017 by Alexandre Lucien Vazart, cultivates frantoio, moraiolo and leccino variety olives with care and passion, working them to produce one of the best oils extra virgin olive in the world.

Nestled in the fertile Tuscan hills, dotted with olive and cypress trees, the land of the Gentlemen Farmers olive family is located between the historic city of Florence and the town of Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo , an area renowned for the beauty of its hills and the unique flavors of its refined wines and tasty olive oils.

A completely organic approach to olive growing, traditional means such as carefully pruning each tree then harvesting by hand join high pressure technology in a modern mill that processes the family's olives just hours later. their harvest, then natural filtering by cold, which together allow Gentlemen Farmers to obtain superior results. It is a mixture of ancestral know-how, Swiss rigor, and Italian passion for good things.

Winner of 2 Gold Awards consecutively at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition , the largest and most prestigious olive oil competition in the world, this alliance creates a high-quality Tuscan blend, whose taste sensations include artichoke, arugula and olive leaf.

Manufacturing process

At Gentlemen Farmers, every drop of olive oil is the result of a meticulous artisanal process, highlighting the purity and freshness of our olives, carefully harvested by hand.

Our process begins in the heart of our olive groves, where dedicated farmers meticulously hand select each olive. This careful harvest ensures that only the finest and ripe olives are chosen, thus preserving the exceptional quality of our olive oil.

As soon as the olives are picked, they are transported quickly to our presses, ensuring unparalleled freshness. The close proximity between harvest and press is crucial to retaining the delicate aromas and flavors of the olives. In fact, within an hour of harvest, our olives are subjected to cold pressing, a process that keeps temperatures low to preserve all the nutritional and taste properties.

This artisanal process, rooted in tradition, guarantees that each drop of Gentlemen Farmers oil is an authentic expression of the richness of the Italian terroir. Our commitment to quality, from harvest to press, is reflected in every bottle, providing our customers with a culinary experience like no other. Discover the very essence of Italy through our artisanal olive oil, a perfect fusion of tradition, know-how and exceptional quality.