Posted on February 07 2024

Can you tell us more about Gentlemen Farmers and the different products you offer?

Gentlemen Farmers is a family project, born and developed where my children are growing up. I began marketing my extra virgin olive oil last year, with the idea from the beginning of developing other ways of using this product, which is full of possibilities! I'm currently working on a concept of infused olive oils, in which I'm a great believer. The idea is to infuse aromatic herbs with interesting properties, both in terms of taste and health.



You mean they can be used both in cooking and as a "food supplement"?

Exactly! Take, for example, the two infused oils I've just developed, thyme and rosemary. In cooking, the thyme-infused oil makes fish sublime, while the rosemary-infused oil works wonders on baked potatoes, saving us from burnt rosemary branches in the dish. These same oils, used as dietary supplements, are of great interest thanks to their many properties. Rosemary aids digestion is anti-fatigue, anti-stress, relieves rheumatism and so on. Thyme, for its part, is ideal just before winter, as it boosts the immune system, calms coughs, and reduces nasal secretions.


How do you develop these products?

I work with an herb grower, Pierre Cusseau, based in Forli in Emilia Romagna. The herbs come either from me or from him (total traceability and guaranteed 100% natural, with no chemicals). Inspiration clearly comes from the garden and what nature has to offer. A pharmacy analyzes our products and is currently working with me to draw up a cure protocol. I want them to be designed according to the seasons: rosemary is readily available all year round, but thyme is a little different, and it's a well-known fact that it will be harvested at the end of summer, so that we can offer cures at the start of winter.

Alexandre Vazart

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